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SL - Getting Started

Gaining Proficiency

by Jeffrey A. Limpert (aka Pax Seetan)
Last update September 7, 2008

The best advice that I can give you on how to adapt to the SL interface is to spend an hour or two logged on each day during the course of a week. My greatest hurdle was (and still is) getting the avatar to smoothly execute my intentions.


Avatar Movement

Camera controls - *very* handy


Visit a few of the popular hangouts and shops for new people

Audio controls - talk to someone

Take time to watch a few SL tutorials.

Tweak the looks of your avatar after two or three days of the above

Try building an outfit

A Note on Boxed Items: when you try to open a package of something from your inventory ,the package may be in the form of a box. You must first <open> the box and then from within your inventory pop-up window, select <wear> the items that were in the box. Failure to do this will result in your avatar wearing the box rather than the clothing it contains. It's a common experience.

Piece of cake...Just don't try to do everything on the list in one sitting. as I said, take a week to get comfortable.

Mastery of the Interface

The interface has so many active controls, it can be hard to have the interface focus on what you would like. For instance; a lot of people rely on the local chat function. Imagine I am typing away (chatting with you) and I want to move my avatar to a new position. First I have to click off of the chat box and then use the arrow keys to move the avatar.

If you have been typing while I am doing this and it is my turn to respond, then I have to:

Simple, "non?" That's why I like voice; when it works.


When attending a meeting, the participants are generally seated allowing people who don't have microphones to concentrate on their local chat boxes and audio.

A headset is recommended if you are using a microphone, otherwise the positive feedback will cause regenerative loops that make it difficult to follow conversations.


When you look up, see your clock says it is now 3:00 a.m., and realize you have been online for six or seven hours  nailed to your seat; you will know you are getting comfortable in Second Life.

While books have been written on the subject of virtual worlds, and Second Life in particular, we believe that for people with limited time, the recommendations we have made in this and other article will help. Anyone with reasonable technical skills and a desire to learn, will be able to quickly perform the basic tasks  of avatar control, finding the locations of meetings and communicating.

Please periodically return to this page to check for updated information and links.