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Virtual worlds like Second Life (SL) offer a platform for information distribution, collaboration and meetings.

Many business, public sector, and educational organizations are utilizing this popular and rapidly expanding medium.

Limpert & Company has established virtual office space in Second Life to extend its offerings of consultation and training.

Second Life Office Hours

Jeffrey A. Limpert (aka Pax Seetan in SL) now has office hours. Project meetings, discussion about upcoming engagements and appointments can be arranged via e-mail and phone.

ConiAnn Limpert (Incharge Lupindo) is on site as Operations Director during various times. Incharge may be your meeting facilitator and will also offer Business People assistance establishing their presence in Second Life offering workshops, training and consultation.

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 Welcome to
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The following articles will help you ease into Second Life.

 Your First Visit to Second Life

How to get a Second Life

 Attending Your First Meeting

Limpert & Company offices are a gathering place for group meetings, workshops and selected classes.

Minimum Effort Required to Attend a Meeting.

 When You Have More Time

Gaining Proficiency


CISSP Security is more than technology

CISSP in SL Group