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SL - Attending Meetings

Minimum Effort Required to Attend a Meeting

by Jeffrey A. Limpert (aka Pax Seetan)

Before going any further, first complete the activities in the article How to Get a Second Life.

Once you have entered the Second Life main grid, the best way to get to your first meeting is to have the meeting organizer supply you with a Second Life URL (SURL). This allows your avatar to teleport to the coordinates contained within the SURL.

All you have to do is:

  1. Open SL
  2. Login
  3. Follow the SURL that launches in your traditional web browser to the <Teleport> link webpage
  4. Switch to the Second Life client (that you logged into in step 1). The teleport link will cause the avatar in the Second Life to be transported to the location in the slurl

Here is a sample link to our offices you can use for practice:

The SURL for any meeting you attend will have a similar structure.

Note: The meeting sponsor may offer you a teleport link from directly within Second Life. If you practice using SURLs you will gain experience with both.

After arriving via the teleporter, is it important to quickly step away from the pad in order to make way for the next person's arrival. Failure to do so can cause avatars to pile up and get knocked around in unpredictable ways.

As usual for any meeting, you should arrive a few minutes early to receive handouts and instructions from the facilitator. This will also allow time to select a seat and use the camera controls to obtain a good view of the speaker and/or presentation board.

Most meetings will request that participants mute their microphones to eliminate the possibility of audio feedback problems. If you are using a microphone during your meeting it is important to also have a headset so the speakers will not overdrive the microphone making it impossible for anyone to hear.

Alternatively, your meeting sponsor may prefer to use a normal conference call to offer a higher quality of service for everyone attending.

That's all there is to it! If you can successfully follow the above instructions, you will get to your meeting.